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 On Monday 28th February 2011 Once again there will be a VIP Tournament held at Card Casino Prague. Invitations to this tournament can be won at any of our tournaments starting from Saturday 15th May. For tournaments with more than 30 players we will be giving away invitations to the top 9 players and for tournaments with less than 30 players we will be giving away invitations to the top 5 players.To confirm your seat at this VIP tournament please email your CPL ID number as well as your ticket number to, Players who don't confirmed their participation in the tournament will not be admitted.
Tournament Details: Freeze out, each player gets 5000 in chips to start Total capacity is 135 players, Registration 17:00 for 18:00 sharp start
Card Casino Prague will donate the below prizes for the tournament:
1st buy-in to the 30th United Poker Tour June 7500 CZK


Based on your suggestions we began to categorize the paid entry tournaments under the symbol "PRO"!

  • This is a tournament with a small buy-in to ensure a higher level and quality of play. Also the daily prize in the tournament will be more valuable.
  • Points gained in these tournaments will of course be counted in your overall point score.
  • Bonus (re-buy) cards will only need three stamps instead of 5.
  • The amount of fee will always be given in advance on this website in the "game space".
  • The Classic free tournaments will always be available. It is up to you which tournament you will play in.


In 2009 we brought to you the first ever Free poker league in Czech Republic and we still are the one and only. During the first 6 months of the league year we accumulated a player base comprising of over 2,000 players and we played over 300 Live Free tournaments. Due to great success and players interests in Poker, we have decided to expand all over the Czech Republic in the form of franchising.